The primary focus of Somerville Secondary College is the physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing of every student. Adolescence is frequently the most challenging period of life and the school works hard to ensure that students have every possible support in the transition from child to young adult.

The college has a multidisciplinary team of wellbeing staff who are able to provide a diverse range of services and support to students and their families which cater for individual needs.  

The Wellbeing team consists of a

  • Youth Worker
  • Adolescent Health Nurse
  • Chaplain
  • Student Welfare Coordinator  
  • Student Support Services Psychologist
  • Hands on Learning Artisan Teachers
Referrals to the Wellbeing team can be made by staff and parents/guardians. Parents/Guardians can contact the Wellbeing team on 5973 1060 to discuss any Wellbeing concerns they have for their child.  Students are also encouraged to self-refer and make appointments directly with the Wellbeing team by visiting the Wellbeing office during recess or lunch time to make an appointment.

The services are tailored to individual needs and include

  • One on one support
  • Counselling
  • Health and Wellbeing education
  • Group based programs including Hands On Learning
  • Psychological & educational assessment
  • Referrals to external agencies/services
  • Specialist programs

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