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Technology encompasses the areas of Food Technology, Textiles, Electronics, Information and Communication Technology and Digital Technology. The programs cater for students at all levels and the courses are not only designed to challenge the students but to provide them with the opportunity to showcase their creative talents. Each course has been uniquely tailored to meet the needs of our students and will stimulate their interest by hands-on learning experiences. They will achieve valuable life skills that will equip them for a careers pathway or further education in VET Studies.

The College has extensive facilities and highly qualified staff to implement the Technology programs. Apart from learning traditional skills, the students are introduced to current industry and consumer trends with the use of the latest modern technology and computer software. The Technology wing boasts many purpose-built rooms with outstanding equipment, computer facilities, Laptop access, a range of media resources, groundbreaking Interactive White Board activities and pioneering the latest computer software available to engage student learning.

The Technology Studies provides core programs in Years 7 and 8 to enable students to develop their knowledge, technical skills and explore a broad range of materials and processes to produce a finished product. An extensive range of courses are offered in the Year 9 and 10 elective Program to expand their knowledge and build on their technical skills. Those courses include 
using a range of innovative software and hardware that will help students understand the principles of material manipulation and formation.

Students will develop practical skills in the welding workshop to help gain confidence in constructing with metal work, as well as learning the safe and correct application of oxy-acetylene brazing along with jointing processes.

We are currently showcasing our 3D printer to demonstrate the future potential of this innovative technology. We encourage student-built projects to be printed and displayed in a hands-on way. This brings with it the creativity and learning what works and - what doesn't. So far we have on display some skulls, a windmill, satellites and Albert Einstein! These printed sculptures have been taken from laser scans of the real thing, right down to the tiniest wrinkle on Albert's face. Amazing stuff.


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