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The study of Science at Somerville Secondary College provides students with a practical and hands on experience that immerses them in Science so they can develop their curiosities about the natural world. The students are encouraged to ask the important question “why” for every phenomenon they observe around them. Through the lenses of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and or Technologies, the students are set on a path to explore and satisfy these curiosities. 

In Years 7-9, at Somerville Secondary College, all students are exposed to the various strands of sciences, to develop an understanding of concepts in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth and Space Sciences. The curriculum supports students to develop the scientific knowledge, understandings and skills to make informed decisions about local, national and global issues and to participate, if they so wish, in further studies of Science leading to related careers. Students are guided to use scientific inquiry and a range of scientific methods, including questioning, planning and conducting experiments. Students are encouraged to communicate their scientific findings to a range of audiences by providing platforms such as science competitions, science fairs and celebration of Science Week.

In Year 10 students can choose from a number of electives and continue to expand their scientific knowledge. They can even choose a VCE Science strand if their passion drives them towards that path. During this year students are extended to design their own experiments and trained to communicate their findings through skills such as analysing the data collected, evaluating results and drawing critical, evidence based conclusions to audiences. 

During Years 11 and 12 students choose to immerse fully in Science that will lead them to their intended career pathway or just to satisfy their curiosities to become informed citizens of the world. Teachers work across disciplines to deliver a meaningful and challenging curriculum guided by the VCCA study design. Students are given the freedom to explore a current or future question of interest to them in order to develop skills such as problem solving, making informed, evidence-based decisions involving applications of Science while taking into account the ethical and social implications of decisions. In applying their understanding of scientific concepts to new situations and events, students appreciate the dynamic nature of scientific knowledge and its diversity in all walks of life, thus becoming life-long learners of Science.

Enrichment Activities

Students are provided with a range of opportunities to express their passion for learning in any field they desire. They are encouraged to take part in competitions providing fuel to their fire of learning. Teachers are extremely passionate about catering to students’ learning outcomes and are constantly improving their own knowledge base to implement the latest and best strategies to achieve this goal. Students at Somerville Secondary College are provided with many platforms to showcase their learning.

Luna Park
A visit to Luna Park gives students the opportunity to experience and explain the Forces of Nature. Gene Technology Access Centre- A visit to GTAC gives students access to the latest Biotechnology used in the field of genetics.
Victorian Space Science Education Centre
At VSSEC students learn how to launch Rockets, Take a Missions to Mars and use exclusive instruments to analysis chemicals such as Aspirin or measure the impurities in drinking water. 
Victorian Science Talent Search
A Victoria wide competition which provides opportunities to bring out students’ creativities in Science. A  Major Bursary was awarded to one of our students in 2017
Science Fair
At Somerville Secondary Collage Science Week is celebrated by bringing exciting experiments into the school. Students also participate in hands on activities- making learning a fun game.
Australian Synchrotron
Year 12 Physics students have the opportunity to enjoy an all day excursion to the Synchrotron in Clayton (the only) particle collider in the southern hemisphere- inspiring our students to enter fields of Science that are the latest explorations in Science and many undiscovered concepts in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics)
Science Fair
At Somerville Secondary Collage Science Week is celebrated by bringing exciting experiments into the school. Students also participate in hands on activities- making learning a fun game.
Australian Nuclear Science Technology Organisation
: Students are given exclusive opportunities to conduct experiments in state of the art facilities with internationally recognized scientists from the Nuclear Science organisation.
Monash University Pathways
Ties with Monash University give students access to speaking with students in degree courses as mentors and lecturers that come to the school to share the latest research being conducted in Biochemistry. 

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