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At Somerville Secondary College, the Mathematics Key Learning Area focuses on helping our students develop a suite of mathematical skills and understandings that can be applied in many future pathways. Our intention is that graduating students will be well prepared to attempt either VCE Mathematics, further study at TAFE or employment.


Information & Communications technologies (ICT) are used extensively in the teaching of Mathematics at Somerville Secondary College. All students in Years 7-10 are enrolled in an online tutoring & homework programme. Classes regularly make use of ICT, including interactive whiteboards for more engaging lessons, laptops for individual activities and the use of graphic calculators.

Programmes tailored to meet individual needs:

Mathematics teachers work with students to modify our programme to meet individual needs. All students at Somerville Secondary College are extensively assessed in Mathematics, and this assessment forms the basis for the student’s future learning programme.

Students are supported with a numeracy workshop that aims to meet individual needs. In the workshop students who lack key skills or understandings develop these working intensively with a teacher, in small groups. Students who are confident with mathematics are lead to explore areas of mathematics with which they are unfamiliar.

In their senior year, students can opt for a ‘Standard’ or ‘Essential’ mathematics class. Each is designed to give students the skills to further progress in their chosen future pathway, as well as, the flexibility to transfer between pathways if they chose to do so later.

Practical Learning:

Teachers of mathematics at Somerville Secondary College recognise the importance of students understanding the real-world applications of their learning. We employ a range of “hands on” teaching methods to explore mathematics. This could mean building a carnival game when learning about probability or using surveying techniques to measure land in the local community.

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