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At Somerville Secondary College, Humanities is the study of History, Geography, Economics and Civics and Citizenship. The skills students acquire doing Humanities the sort of skills that they will need to prosper in the knowledge economy of the twenty first century.

Humanities students are taught to be creative thinkers and to analyse and solve problems. They learn how to simplify complex matters, to conduct research and to communicate their findings. Humanities at Somerville aims to give students skills in leadership, decision-making, communication and creativity.

The scope and breadth of subjects, and within subjects, offered within Humanities caters for a variety of students and offers flexibility to these students. We attempt to engage our students with a variety of teaching methods and materials. We hope to open the eyes, ears, and mind, in order to strengthen our students’ tolerance, sympathy, and respect for others, and equip them to participate effectively in the community.

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