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Health & Physical Education

Health and Physical Education is a compulsory subject from years 7 – 10 at Somerville Secondary College. Students get the opportunity to participate in both practical classes to develop their fitness and motor skill level, as well as theory lessons where they develop their knowledge of healthy living.

Our year7 and 8 Health and PE programs allow students to participate and develop skills in various sports from areas such as Striking and Fielding, Divided Court and Invasion Sports. Students will begin to analyse their own fitness levels, while developing their fundamental motor skills though participation in practical classes. In the theory component of the subject students cover a range of topics including; Harm Minimisation, Sexuality and Healthy Lifestyles.

We offer a range of electives at year 9 and 10 including Dance, Fitness, Sport Coaching and Sports Performance. Students in these year levels also complete compulsory Health and PE which runs semester long. Within this elective they cover a range of health topics including Mental Health, Risky Business and Nutrition. The Physical Education aspect allows students to analyse their own fitness level and develop skills in a variety of team and individual sports. They are also involved in a Community Program where they participate in various physical activities within their community such as local gyms, bowling and laser tag. Completing these subjects’ sets students up with the knowledge and skills required to effectively complete VCE Physical Education and VCE Health and Human Development.

Participation in HPE at Somerville Secondary College equips our students with the knowledge and skills for continued lifelong participation in physical activity and long-term healthy lifestyle practices.

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