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The Arts at Somerville Secondary College is a core component of student curriculum and development. Our Junior School program and our extensive Middle School elective program, allows students to have the opportunity to explore a vast variety of art subjects. These subjects range from dramatic and performing arts, graphics, media communication, digital photography, animation, film analysis, computer aided design, ceramics and sculpture and many advanced art subjects preparing students for V.C.E. The Arts at Somerville Secondary consists of the following areas of study;

•    General Art
•    Graphics and Visual Communication
•    Media Studies
•    Performing Arts

Junior School Art: The Somerville Junior School Arts program consists of the following semester long subjects;

•    Drama
•    Art
•    Graphics

The aim of the Junior School Art program at Somerville Secondary College is to educate students in a vast variety of different art forms including general art, ceramics, performing arts and visual/ graphic communication. Students experience and explore the elements of two-dimensional artwork, three- dimensional artwork and elements of The Performing Arts. Junior school students develop the ability to plan and prepare their art work, while experimenting with a range of skills, techniques and processors. They develop the ability to investigate and evaluate the effectiveness of their final product, while consistently using appropriate arts language and terminology.

Middle School Art: The Somerville Middle School Art Elective program consists of the following semester long subjects:

1.    Computer Aided Design
2.    General Art
3.    Media Studies
4.    Theatre Studies; Non Naturalistic Vs Naturalistic
6.    Pre-VCE Studio Arts (Year 10 only)
7.   Pre-VCE Visual Communication(Year 10 only)
8.    Pre-VCE Theatre Studies (Year 10 only)
9.    VCE Studio Arts Photography, Units 1 and 2 (Year 10 only)

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